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Neuroshima Convoy
Portal Games
Neuroshima Convoy Mobile

The Convoy is set in the world of Neuroshima where humanity has been attacked by rebellious artificial intelligence machines and where robot armies commanded by an electronic brain demolish cities and states one by one, turning America into a contaminated, deserted wasteland.

Play against a friend, AI or challenge online opponents.

Sierra Madre Games
Greenland Mobile

A Phil Eklund game. Play as one of original tribes inhabiting Greenland from the 11th to the 15th centuries: Tunit, Norse, Sea Sámi and Thule.

Complex rules streamlined into an intuitive game flow. Flavour information organised neatly and presented in a way which enhances game’s educational nature.

Coulour Chess

2018 Mensa in Deutschland Game Awards Nominee Family and Education Award Winner from Imagination Gaming Annual World Championships as part of the Mind Sports Olympiad in London.

An abstract strategy game that sees you not only controlling your own pieces, but also determining a lot of your opponent's piece movements.

Play both local and online with leaderboard and original chess ranking system.

Colour Chess

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